Good Luck to TISC Skaters Off to Canadian Championships in Laval, Quebec This Weekend

August 5, 2016

Good luck Morgan Williams, Candy Wong, Peter Doucet, and Gilbert Crevier at the Canadian Championships this weekend in Laval, Quebec. These four skaters will be flying the TISC colours high and proud in “La Belle Province”!

Despite the Canadian Championships being cancelled in 2015 because of low entries, the hard work and dedication of a few volunteers ensured the return of the event, which was last hosted by TISC and held in Toronto in 2014. Quebec last hosted the competition in 2012 with track racing in Ste-Foy (Quebec City) and road racing in Laval (Montreal).

This will be Gilbert Crevier’s first ever Canadian Championship. Crevier, who’s been skating with TISC for a couple of years now, feels ready to take on the Grand Masters. Crevier has regularly attended TISC practices this year and is looking forward to using his speed and racing tactics to gain his best results in his first ever race!


Peter Doucet has competed in every Canadian Championship since 1994. Keeping in mind last year’s event was cancelled, this will be Doucet’s 22nd Canadian Championship! This multiple Canadian Champion has represented Canada at the World Championships, Pan Am Games, Pan Am Championships, and Junior North American Champs. This year, he will be racing AND managing the competition.

Candy Wong has been working and training hard under her coach Sutton Atkins’ guidance. She’ll be competing in the Senior Word Class division, looking for personal best performances. Wong already competed in Montreal this year, taking the top podium position in the Laval Marathon’s 21km race. In the meantime, she’s also training for the Montreal 24 Hours and the New York 100k!

Morgan Williams is proving to be one of the best skaters this year in Toronto. He’s been TISC’s top finisher this year, winning races at the Summer Dash and placing well at the Laval Marathon. He placed 4th overall in the 21km in Laval. Morgan will look to step on the podium in the Senior World Class division. Morgan, a very experienced racer, loves to be competitive and hopes to continue with strong performances this September at the Northshore Inline Marathon and the New York 100k.

Summer Dash on Snapd

August 4, 2016


Summer Dash- Results and Pictures

July 22, 2016

The Toronto Inline Skating Club hosted its first Summer Dash. The competition, which will hopefully become a growing annual event, was created to provide fun and challenging racing opportunities for children and youth, experienced racers, and new skaters!

Thank you to everyone who pitched-in, helped, and volunteered to make the event possible. The event attracted a small but committed group of racers, and the turn-out was definitely better than was organizers hoped.

Crowd favorites included the Dash For Cash and the bike race. Travis Shaw took home the cash prize purse while Candy Wong took home the consolation cash prize for the ‘Most Interesting Race’, completing the Dash For Cash backwards! The Youth obstacle race with 7 elements to challenge young skaters’ skills was also well received.

TISC Skaters Compete in Laval Marathon

July 15, 2016

A half dozen TISC skaters traveled to Montreal last weekend to compete in the Laval Marathon, which was organized by VRL Le Club.


The event featured 42km, 21km, and 10km races. The marathon (42km) was held in rainy and wet conditions.

Candy Wong was the top female finisher in the 42km race, claiming the top of the podium. Morgan Williams finished in the top-5 and Peter Doucet finished 7th place after crashing out in a corner and causing 2 others skaters to fall. Long time club member Eric Gee made a return to competition, finishing a sub-1-hour-30 marathon.


In the 21km, Cynthia Head, Larry Magloire, Peter Doucet, and Morgan Williams competec. Williams finished in 4th overall, one step off the podium. Larry Magloire, another long time TISC member since the early 1990’s, made a welcome return to competition, looking at gaining experience and fitness in preparation for this winter’s long track ice speed skating season.

Eric Gee encouraged skaters, keeping them entertained during the 21km with his bucket drumming skills on the sidelines. Congratulations to all who traveled, competed, and skated!

Summer Dash! Come And Race July 16th

July 5, 2016


June 30th TISC Practice Cancelled, Informal Get Together at 6:30pm in High Park

June 28, 2016

TISC will NOT hold a practice on Thursday, June 30th at Christ the King 200-meter track. The venue will be used for a function by another group. This function has been planned for months now. We’ve made announcements about this at practice.

Morgan Williams plans on skating high park on Thursday June 30th. He’ll meet skaters in the parking lot of the Grenadier Restaurant at 6:30pm. Anyone meeting Morgan needs to understand this is NOT a TISC sanctioned practice or activity. We are not organizing this. We are just passing the message along on behalf or Morgan.

Global Skate Event For UNICEF

June 17, 2016

Hey TISC- we recently received the following message-

Dear inline skaters in Toronto,

I found your email address in the internet when I was looking for skaters in other countries. 13 years ago I founded a global skate event for UNICEF. No travel needed, no fees to be paid. Just skate for one or more hours during the 24 hours of the event – that’s why it is called 24skate. This year the 24 hours of the 24skate will begin on Saturday 18th of June, 07:00 Toronto time. Skaters around the world share these 24 hours together and cover all these 24hours. For each kilometer skated by the fastest skater or relaying skating group in each hour I donate a Euro to UNICEF. So you only need to tell me before which hour you will skate and afterwards how far you skated – and may be add some pictures and a short report, as many others did before.

You find such pictures and more information in several languages about the 24skate at this website.

And as you can see, when you have a look to the timetable of this year’s 24skate, there are still a few hours uncovered. That’s why I hope, that you like the idea and some of your skaters will participate in this year’s 24skate to keep this tradition alive. I would be very happy about it.

As a service for you, here are the uncovered 24skate hours in Toronto local time:
18th June, 11:00-12:00
18th June, 13:00-24:00
18th June, 15:00-16:00
18th June, 16:00-17:00
18th June, 17:00-18:00
18th June, 18:00-19:00
18th June, 22:00-23:00
18th June, 23:00-24:00
19th June, 00:00-01:00

Best regards from Munich, Germany,
looking forward to your reply


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