We Need Volunteers for TISC Event Celebrating Pan A Games

February 22, 2015

TISC would like to host an event to celebrate the Pan Am Games.The event will be held in early July, before the Games. We would like to put together a small organizing committee.

No Canada Day Marathon for 2015, May Return in 2016

January 30, 2015

The Toronto Inline Skating Club is excited that many of its members have committed to volunteer at the Pan American Games. The Pan American Games’ Roller Speed Skating races will be July 12-13 in Toronto.

Because of this important commitment by TISC members, especially on the part of key volunteers who are normally very involved with running and putting together the Canada Day Marathon, the Toronto Inline Skating Club has decided to not organize the Canada Day Marathon for 2015.

TISC will look into different ways to increase participation, revenues, and volunteer contributions for the 2016 Canada Day Marathon.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all TISC friends & family! We can’t wait to see you rolling in April 2015!


Winter Skating at Scooter’s Begins December 1st- Mondays Only

November 25, 2014

The Scooter’s Indoor Speed Club will begin its 2014-2015 season on Monday, December 1st. Skate times will be 8pm to 9:30pm. Doors open at 7:30am.

With declining attendance & membership and increased fees, the Club will start its season with one session per week, on Mondays.

Please visit the Scooter’s Indoor Speed Club for additional deals (cost structure, membership requirements) which should be online by this weekend.

TISC Hands out 2014 Awards, Recognizes Volunteers

November 8, 2014

The Toronto Inline Skating Club held its annual Year End Party & Awards last night. Judy Penner & family hosted the event, and Candy Wong provided amazing food!

TISC’s success is heavily influenced and supported by volunteer contributions. Numerous hours and tireless energy is put into helping run programs and practices, organize events, and support administrative work. The following members & friends were recognized;

Left to right: Georg Nikody, Sherry Tickner, Alain Quintard, Eric Gee, Judy Penner

  • Georg Nikodym- for his ongoing support of TISC programs and skaters, by running out-of-practice training sessions in support of marathon races and the Montreal 24 Hour squads. He was instrumental in organizing Max Ward Weekend skates, encouraging skaters to come out and train. Georg volunteered at the RSO Series and the Canadian Championships, helping ensure events were well run.
  • Alain Quintard- for his dedication and time put into running numerous events, including the Canada Day Marathon, Becel Ride for Heart Volunteering, the Canadian Championships, and the RSO Series. Alain was integral behind the scenes, often meeting other volunteers at 5am to load vans and organize equipment for events. He could be found lugging generators, keeping track of finances, sweeping the tracks, and performing many thankless tasks.
  • Judy Penner- Judy’s work on the administrative side of TISC as well as her willingness to be the host for the Year End Party were appreciated, but her work as tabulator at the Canadian Championships and with the RSO Series was above-and-beyond what could be reasonably expected from a volunteer.
  • Eric Gee- Eric was ever-present entity this season in numerous capacities. He was instrumental with helping run the Canada Day Marathon, putting many hours into setting up the event and running the timing system. Eric also helped set-up equipment for the RSO Series. Eric came up with an ingenious method for lap counting and tracking athletes at the Canadian Championships, and in doing so, reduced the stress level and work-load for volunteers and bettering accuracy. Eric also put in many hours of work in scoping out and finding specs for equipment for a timing system to be paid with funds from (a hopefully successful application) the Ontario Trilium Foundation grant.
  • Sherry Tickner- Sherry brought a very positive and joyful attitude to TISC at the 24 Hour Roller Montreal event. She helped guide and direct TISC’s second team to a top-15 placement. Sherry stood out as TISC in-house paramedic and hospital service at a number of events, including handling some carnage at the Canadian Championships!

Season awards were presented at the party. The following recipients proved with their performances, placements, improvements, and effort, that strong results and achievable and within reach.

Left to right: front row- Peter Doucet, Christopher Langridge, Alex Rudy, Georg Nikodym, back row- Amanda Tickner, Shanon Hegarty, Morgane Echardour

  • Senior Skater of the Year- Male- Peter Doucet
  • Senior Skaters of the Year- Female- Morgane Echardour, Shannon Hegarty
  • Junior Skater of the Year- Male- Alex Rudy
  • Junior Skater of the Year- Female- Amanda Tickner
  • Rookie of the Year- Cynthia Head
  • Most Improved Skater- Christopher Langridge
  • Rusty Bearing Award- Georg Nikodym * for the most gruesome injury

TISC Board of Directors has started planning for the 2015 season. The Board is considering a number of options for program nights, most likely going with the customary Monday/ Thursday combination. As well, TISC will look into the feasibility and possibility of running the following events: a marathon (Canada Day Marathon), track races (RSO Series), and the Pan Am Games Trials for Roller Sports Canada.

2014-2015 Winter Indoor Skating- Will You Come Out? Will You Help Out?

October 31, 2014

Hello skaters-

Alain Quintard and I have been working to set-up an indoor skating program for this Winter. We have arranged a meeting with Scooter’s Roller Palace ownership next week. The discussion at that meeting will determine how many days & hours are available and what the cost structure will be.

Managing the Scooter’s Indoor Speed Club, or any Club, is a big responsibility and we need help in order to move ahead with the Club this year.

In order to move forward with an indoor skating program for this Winter, we will will need help and volunteers to run and manage the Club. There is a list of responsibilities, tasks, jobs, and items that need to be covered.

  • OPENING THE RINK: main door, alarm deactivation, opening lights
  • FLOOR CLEANING: floor cleaning: vinegar inventory control, purchasing vinegar, dusting rags, washing rags, vinegar spraying, setting up brooms, dry mopping, wet mopping
  • PRACTICE SET-UP: installing mattress, benches, putting out cones, installing chairs
  • PROGRAM: coaches
  • CLUB ADMINISTRATION: put out sing-in sheet, collect waivers, collect money, collect registration forms, deposit money in bank account, track budget and finances, track membership, first-aid kit responsibility, update website, manage e-mails and communications
  • PRACTICE TAKE-DOWN: Storing chairs, storing cones, storing mattresses and bench, storing wet rags, storing wheel cleaning rags
  • RINK LOCK-UP: turning off lights, alarm activation, close and lock main door

In order for us to proceed with planning, please let us know the following by November 5th, as we meeting with Scooter’s management at night on November 6th. You can e-mail me at torontoinline@yahoo.com

  • 1) Will you be skating indoors with the Club this year? How many times a week?
    2) Based on the list above, how are you able to pitch-in?

Once we receive feedback, we will be able to determine if we go ahead with an indoor skating program this year, the type of cost structure that will be in place, how many days and hours will be available, and the starting date.

Mark Your Calendars! 2014 TISC Year End Party: November 7th

October 8, 2014

The Toronto Inline Skating Club will hold the TISC End of Year Party & Awards on Friday November 7th at 7pm.

You’ll be able to relive the Montreal 24 Hours food experience thanks to catering provided by Candy Wong! This will also be your chance to celebrate as TISC recognizes volunteers and unveils award recipients for the 2014 season.

TISC will be ordering t-shirts for TISC members. When you RSVP, please let us know your t-shirt size (S, M, L, XL, XXL) so we can have the order ready for you when you arrive at the party.

Please RSVP with Peter Doucet at shaloheat@hotmail.com or by writing a note on TISC’s facebook post here by November 1st.

  • Cost: $15 cash at the door OR pay via Paypal
  • Location: 195 Lisgar, Toronto, M6J 3G6
  • Parking: Available on the streets in the neighbourhood
  • Food: Provided by Candy Wong
  • Time: 7pm
  • RSVP by November 1st: Let us know how many are attending: leave a message here or e-mail here shaloheat@hotmail.com


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