Practice Cancelled for Sept. 15 2014 due to Rain

September 15, 2014

This evening’s TISC program is cancelled, given that it is 5pm and it’s raining. See you on Thursday at 6 p.m. at Christ The King for more skating!

TISC Skaters Put in Podium Performance in Trexlertown, Just off the Podium in Victoriaville (Quebec), Next Up: This Weekend at the Northshore Inline Marathon

September 11, 2014

Toronto Inline Skating Club members competed in Eastern Canada and Eastern USA this past weekend.

Shannon Hegarty raced in the season’s Eastern Seaboard Series finale, claiming 2nd overall in the Pro Senior Women’ 15km race, With this results, Shanon ended up finishing first overall in the series’ Pro Senior Women’s standings. Hegarty raced Mackenzie Browne, a USA World Team member specializing in sprints.


Herb Gayle was also in attendance at the E.S.S. finale in Trexlertown, PA. Gayle finished in the lead group with the Pro Master Men / Veteran Men. Herb finished the season in 1st place in the Pro Veteran Men’s category.

Peter Doucet meanwhile competed in Quebec at the Victoriaville Pentathlon, a 42km marathon held in central Victoriaville. Doucet faced tough competition. Despite a valiant effort to chase the leading breakaway after trailing the group by over 1 minute with 20km’s to go, Doucet closed the gap down to 4 seconds at the finish, just behind the trio that had consolidated and worked together to keep Doucet away. He ended up in 4th place. The young Colombian speedster Nicolas Laborde won the race, which included 30 u-turns, in 1h14mins.


TISC members will compete this weekend at the Northshore Inline Marathon in Duluth, MN. Peter Doucet, Morgane Echardour, Cynthia Head, Georg Nikodym, Morgan Williams, and Candy Wong will skate 42km’s from Two Harbours to Duluth on Saturday morning, competing & skating with over 2000 skaters from across the World!!

6pm Start for Practices from now to 2014’s Final Skate on Sept. 29

September 2, 2014

It’s that time of year, as the days become shorter, the geese are leaving their trails. Thank you to the “goose-poop clean-up crew” who so valiantly prepared the track for skating!

Also, practices will start early from now on to our last program night for 2014 on Sept. 29th. We will now have a 6pm start with a finish planned for 8pm, and earlier as we lose daylight.



Two TISC Teams Put in Stellar Performance at Montreal 24 Hour Relay

August 28, 2014

The Toronto Inline Skating Club was extremely well represented at this past weekend’s Montreal 24 Hours Roller. The event, a team relay held the 4.2km Gilles Villeneuve Formula 1 track, attracted hundreds of skaters from Quebec, Ontario, and the U.S.A.

TISC entered two 10-skater teams, appropriately named Toronto Inline Skating Club #1 and Toronto Inline Skating Club #2. Every single skater was a member or guest of TISC! These home-grown teams met and exceeded expectations by finishing 2nd and 17th overall, completing 791km’s and 623km’s in the process!

Managing the teams was a challenging task. Even though only one team member gets to skate on the track at a time and eventually give a relay to a fresh and new member, a few volunteers had the difficult task of ensuring team members were ready and on deck when their turn came up. We would like to thank Bill Halushak, Sherry Tickner, Marco Frusteri, Brian Rudy, and Judy Penner for their effort, support, and encouragement!

This is the first year in TISC’s history that all TISC members skating in the Montreal 24 Hours are doing so within the TISC umbrella. This is a very promising signal for TISC’s future! There is definitely the possibility of registering 3 TISC teams for 2015! We have the depth, quality, and interest too!

The great thing about the two line-ups for 2014 was both teams were composed of a mix of experience and new, younger and older, and female and male skaters! O’Brian Campbell and Cynthia Head experienced this event for the first time. Both newcomers agreed this is an experience they’d like to enjoy next year.

A part of TISC’s success can be attributed to Georg Nikodym’s efforts with organizing out-of-practice training sessions at the “Max Ward” loop on weekends. Many skaters logged quality miles that helped with their speed and endurance at this year’s 24 hours. Also, Candy Wong offered an amazing meal plan at a very reasonable price, keeping team members well fed and energized.

Congratulations skaters- your efforts were amazing and your teamwork was top-notch.

Video from TISC at Montreal 24 Hours

August 27, 2014

RSO #3 Pictures

August 19, 2014

TISC skaters came out to skate and compete at this year’s final RSO Series on Aug. 9th. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped put on the events, especially Eric Gee, Alain Quintard, Georg Nikodym, and Judy Penner. See you in 2015!! You can view some pictures at the following link, with a few of the shots coming from Jacky Shu.

10518695_10154455769700114_8942175330931664758_n (1)

RSO Series this Saturday August 9th @ Ken Cox (Humber) 400m Track, Come out and Race!!

August 5, 2014

TISC is pleased to host the next RSO Series this Saturday August 9th at the Ken Cox 400m track.

Come on out and race!!

Registration opens at 9am.

Information available here:


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